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Track & Field athletes require an excellent combination of strength, speed, power to excel in competition. Implementing Sports Speed Academy and Pre Season Prep into your track & field strength training program will dramatically increase explosive leg power and speed to radically elevate you as an athlete and increase your competitive ability.The goal of every track athlete is always the same: get faster. And whether you run the 60m or the 10,000m there is always, always room for more speed. Some people think speed is something you are born with—you either have it or you don’t. This is not entirely true, and while some runners are genetically talented, you can train your body to go faster. Why else would track practice exist? Sprinting is a combination of acceleration, power, speed and technique. When you sprint, the fast twitch fibers in your muscles fire quickly and powerfully to drive explosive movement. While you can’t build more fast-twitch fibers, you can make them stronger and more efficient. A Sports Speed Academy will develop and combine all aspects of the sport to make you a better sprinter and athlete.


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