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Internationally known as one of the world’s greatest sprinters, Eddie Hart has established his place in history.  From his early days in Pittsburg, CA., where he grew up, he experienced athletic success. Eddie Hart went on to attend the University of California. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1975 with a degree in Physical Education and with a record of outstanding athletic achievement in track and field. 

Prior to Eddie Hart’s graduation he made history when he and Isaac Curtis finished 1st and 2nd at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships, at Des Moines, Iowa in 1970. A feat that still stands today. In 1972 Eddie equaled the world record in the 100 meters winning the finals at the Olympic Trials in Eugene OR.  He also competed on the US Olympic team in the 4x100 meter relay, which broke the world record, making him an Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic record holder.  

Unfortunately, Eddie Hart was unable to compete in his specialty, the 100 meters, because the sprint coach for the US Olympic track and field team had the wrong time schedule.  Eddie and Rey Robinson subsequently missed their quarterfinal heat, eliminating them from the Olympic 100 meter competition. 

Today Eddie Hart is still very active he won the 100 meter in the master division for ages Forty to Forty-four after the Olympics. Now over sixty Eddie trains competitive athletes, has speaking engagements and authors health, speed and life skills books.


Eddie Hart

What some athletes say...  

"Mr. Hart made running fun"


- RJ.

UC Berkeley Cal Logo


"Working under Mr. Hart I have gained

the skill set I need to compete at the

highest level"


- Carrie B.

1972 Olympic Gold Medalist 

"I never knew how bad I ran, until I really learned how to run with Mr. Hart."


- Tammy T.

"The amount of knowledge Mr. Hart  brings, is unreal ."


- Steve M.

"After working with Mr. Hart  my HS football conditioning was  easy"


- Bobby R.

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