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Baseball is a sport that requires a very unique kind of fitness. During an actual game, there is much less emphasis on endurance than there is on explosive speed and very individual and articulate skill sets, such as pitching strikes, swinging bats and defending the bases to keep an opponent from advancing towards home. For baseball, this means that the emphasis should be on taking off; generating a great deal of speed from a dead stop, as happens when someone is waiting on second to steal third or make the sprint for home when a ball has been dropped by a catcher or hit into the field. Sports Speed Academy and Pre Season Prep will improve your starts and exeleration. Sports Speed Academy offers the best option for players to replicate the kind of situation needed to create quick, agile feet and speed. Our baseball speed program develops cardiovascular endurance and does so in a way that calls upon maximum exertion of the lungs and muscles in a short amount of time. It also employs quick direction changes, which is crucial for a runner in this sport.

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