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To succeed in basketball, you need power, explosiveness and strength. But all these mean little without speed and quickness. You need more than just straight-line speed.Basketball is played at all angles, and your speed should be developed with that in mind. One of the biggest mistakes athletes and coaches make is thinking that speed and conditioning work are one and the same. You must train quickness and agility at near maximum levels. Workouts should be intense and explosive built around the requirerments of the game. Sports Speed Academy For example, with Wind Sprints, you sprint down the court, turn and sprint back. If you rest for only 10 to 15 seconds and go again, you will build your endurance but not your top speed. Basketball isn't played in a straight line. Your speed training should reflect that. Basketball players should use Sports Speed Academy and  Pre Season Prep to increase basketball speed and quickness. Sports Speed Academy uses a mix of drills, L-Drills, 5-10-5 Agility Runs and Speed Ladder Drills to improve lateral speed and quickness. 

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