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Football is a game where God given talent and ability will only take you so far. Football players must work hard to become the quickest most powerful athletes they can be to get to the next level. Without proper training an athlete can be left on the sidelines while their competition excels in the sport. Football players need to be able to change direction often and cover  ground quickly. Most athletes are always  looking for ways to get faster. By developing leg strength through sport specific agility drills you can increase quickness and speed. Football players should try to duplicate the agility used in game like cuts in their training. SSA will builds multi directional speed and quickness that football players need to out shine the competition. Football players looking to build speed and agility should attend SSA "Speed  Camp" as well as "Pre-Season Prep" to build endurance, agility, quickness and speed to dominate the season. Our programs builds hip flexor strength, core stability and foot speed. The SSA sprint workout provides an opportunity for an athlete to improve stride length and stride frequency. Sports Speed Academy offers athletes a unique "speed curriculum" designed by Olympic Gold Medalist Eddie Hart that trains athletes to use correct running fundamentals as well as the ability to self correct mental errors that cause athletes to run at less than maximum potential. Improve your speed... Improve your game...


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